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MoCA disabling by COX

TLDR: If you've been successfully using MoCA on COX Internet-only and suddenly it isn't working the answer may be within.

A Solution for Poor WiFI

Terrible WiFi service had me search for another solution in October of 2020. I also have a 2-story brick home, making it difficult to install Cat5/6 cables. I stumbled upon MoCA which in simple terms sends your internet signal through your old unused cable connections throughout your home. In essence, everywhere you wanted an ethernet drop, you would install a MoCA adapter which you would then run a Cat5/6 ethernet cable from the adapter to your end device (game console/computer).

A New Problem

In early September 2021 COX started disabling my MoCA capability twice daily. After some research I found that COX disables MoCA capability for internet-only subscribers for "security reasons." I thought that a Point of Entry (POE) filter would stop the signal from escaping the house, therefore no longer alerting COX that there was interference coming from my home. Since COX continues to disable my MoCA network I think that they don't detect interference; rather, the system just pushes out a signal twice a day to disable MoCA.

A New Solution

Currently I am using the COX Panoramic 4140 as the primary MoCA gateway. I have 2 goCoax MoCA adapters (one in a den, and one on the second story). There is a POE filter installed as close as possible to Coax entering the home. As user Superwaff has described in previous threads, I intend to install a third MoCA adapter before the 4140 with the ethernet port plugged into one of the network connections on the 4140. I hope that I can remember to return to this forum to report my success.

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    Currently I am using the COX Panoramic

    The obvious solution.

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    This is to remind users that the new modems and routers that use doccis 3.1 share the same frequencies as moca 2+. If you want a stable wire you must move the frequencies used by moca to another band not used by cox. pia. Cox maybe disabling moca if trouble is detected. My Cox tech that can to the house didn't even know what moca was.(or played dumb) and disconneted all the mocas. pia to get it running again.