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4 years ago

McAfee Safe Connect VPN not working properly

Hello, I have been having issues with my McAfee Safe Connect VPN software working on my Dell laptop.

I currently have Cox Gigablast internet service.

Safe Connect initially worked fine for about a week after I purchased it and downloaded onto my computer. Then it started acting strangely. The start/stop button would stop working, and even though the program says I am protected, an IP check shows I am not. And the button stops working altogether with an error message that something went wrong and to try later. 

I have been in contact with tech support from McAfee for a week now with no resolution. Tech support remotely connected to my computer, uninstalled/reinstalled, and it did not help. Another tech told me that everything was working fine on their end, but that it is likely an issue on Cox's end that is somehow blocking this VPN from working. I was told by this tech to contact Cox to get help with this issue.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue is?

Thank you.

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    An "IP check" on what device?  If you have VPN software on your Dell, you're tunneling on Cox IP address.