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7 months ago

MAC Address Filtering

Hi, I am having trouble connecting my wireless HP printer to my wifi. I enter the proper SSID and pass, and it fails to connect. the printers report says that MAC address filtering may be on, and if it is, I need to add the printers MAC address in order for it to connect. Any advice? Cox Assist has been less than helpful in 3 separate calls.

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    Make sure you are not within 5 feet of the router. Also, ensure that your SSID, The Network name has no spaces in it.  MYNETWORK is good, "MY NETWORK" Isn't. 

    The reason that there hasn't been any assistance in 3 calls, is that Cox doesn't support attaching printers to the WiFi. That support is advanced support, and it's 10$ a month, called, Cox Complete Care. 

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    May be overkill, but have you tried a factory reset of the gateway? What model modem/gateway do you have for instructions? AFAIK there is no option for MAC filtering inside the App. Listed here as "unsupported" but don't know if that means it isn't configurable or just not supported by Cox.