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7 years ago

Looking to purchase a replacement modem/router/voice unit

Decided to try to save some money by purchasing my own modem/router.    The one supplied by Cox is an Arris TG1682.

I can't seem to find any suitable device (dual band with voice) listed on Cox's compatibility page that are available to purchase, with the exception of an Arris TG1682G (note the "G" at the end of the model#).   In these forums, the two different model numbers seem to be used interchangeably, however all documentation that I can't find on the "G" model states that it is specifically for Comcast/Xfinity ONLY.  

I guess I'm asking if the "G" model is indeed compatible with Cox?

I'm also asking if anybody has been able to find any other suitable replacements for the one supplied by Cox?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  • Hello Gnee Chee, This may help you with deciding on a modem to purchase to replace the rental one you currently have. We always inform people to look at the following list then do little research on each to help determine the modem you choose is the one that will meet all your needs and if you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us.
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    Thanks for responding.    The 'compatibility page' that I mentioned above is the same URL that you supplied.

    The problem is that on that list,  the ones that support what I need (both dual band and voice), are no longer available - except for the ArrisTG1682G - which is why I was asking about that one in particular.

    I was hoping that somebody here had found a suitable replacement for the Cox-supplied rental unit.

    Oh well - I guess I'll either keep on looking, or maybe give up my land line.   Which is one step closer to cutting the cable.

  • @Gnee Chee

    You can have separate modems. For example, you could have a gateway modem for your internet service and then a different telephony modem. You would still need to purchase or rent the internet modem, but it is an option if you prefer a different device.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.