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5 years ago

Las Vegas Internet Lag - Reoccurring issue

For over a year, I’ve had internet issues but they seem to have gotten worse.

In home we have 2 Alexa dots, 2 Apple TVs, 2 iPhones, 2 computers on wifi, xbox connected via Ethernet, Apple Watch, etc. not doing any uploading or downloading constantly, just occasional gaming and video streaming but rarely at the same time.

Located in Las Vegas, NV. Have read about multiple issues here but I have friends all over the city and none have the same issues.

  1. Started with modem router netgear combo, lag when gaming on fortnite 150/15 mbps. This speed should be PLENTY for gaming.
  2. Changed to 3.1 modem and orbi router, same issue.
    1. Had tech come out, claim ingress in line, said he cleared.
    2. Issue persisted, had another tech come out, he brought 2 more with him and they claimed to clear ingress that 1st tech didn’t and said it was clear.
    3. Issue persisted so I upgraded speed
  3. Upgraded to 300/35 mbps
    1. Issue not resolved
  4. Upgraded to cox panoramic wifi modem
    1. Issue persists

my next step is to upgrade to panoramic wifi just to try that, but why pay $120+ and have to wait days for them to set it up when i'm going to have the same issue.

Fortnite packet loss is around 15%, call of duty is constant lag spikes. Can’t complete a game without it.

I constantly lag, lose packets, and have high ping spikes. I choose to play games on my iPhone hotspot as opposed to using the cox wifi as the connection is significantly better.

I should mention that the lag is not noticeable on any other device. The only thing that I can notice is the speedtest results that show low download speeds. Netflix occasional buffering.

Of course I’ve had countless calls, chats with cox reps and they always want to do the modem refresh followed by ping and packet speed test which shows packet loss. The thing is they do a modem refresh, kick me offline, and I have to start the process over again.

Any suggestions? I have the same tech supervisor coming out this week who had been out before, as support said they can not escalate tickets, only technicians.

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    Hi Antony, I've checked your equipment and currently not showing any issues with packet loss. To continue please send us a Facebook private message, Twitter DM, or an email to with a link to this conversation. A suggestion is if no one has checked the associated cable wall outlet you'll want to make sure the Supv has clear access to it because they don't move furniture. We look forward to getting this resolved for you. Carol
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    I just came here to complain about the same issue.  I had the 300mbps service in Las Vegas, and just downgraded because why bother if I'm getting crappy ping/latency while gaming?  If you do a tracert to the destionation IP (in this case, LoL NA is, you will notice that things are nice and fast until they hit Cox infrastructure.  In this case, it will hit (a Cox internal gateway/load balanced network device) and immediately spike to 60+ms.  Example:

    Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

      1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
      2     9 ms     8 ms     7 ms
      3     8 ms     8 ms     7 ms
      4    11 ms     7 ms    11 ms
      5    15 ms    16 ms    12 ms []
      6    60 ms    61 ms    61 ms    <------ the offending IP
      7    61 ms    67 ms    65 ms
      8    62 ms    61 ms    60 ms
      9    67 ms    70 ms    70 ms
     10    68 ms    67 ms    68 ms

    This is because Cox is downright dishonest and is filtering/throttling certain services.  Unfortunately they've brokered a monopoly in my area and I can't just cancel them.  I'd suggest dropping them and going to Centurylink if you can get their fiber broadband.

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      taur...I ran your from SoCal, and got the same jump to 60ms at the 72.215...and the closing 4 hops ranged from 60 to 70ms.  Also ran tracert to my hops start locally, to LA, then jumps to Toronto (label in IP).  My speed goes from under 15 and jumps to 90ms and stays like that till the end at  Cox seems to have some issues.