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2 years ago

Is there anyone that DOESN’T think that Cox has the worst customer service?

I’ve been a customer for 17 years. In November, the latest “specials” I had expired and my bill went up. I received notifications from Cox in the app and via email that I would be paying too much and I should go check out my latest offers to lower my bill. Problem is, when I log into my account on the app or the web, I am unable to make any changes. I’m not even able to see what services are available at what cost. My only option was to call in and speak to someone which is pretty much the last thing I wanted to do. I tried for months to get this fixed but had no luck.

On May 10th, I decided to try again via chat. Without even knowing it, I was connected to the retention department, although the agent never said she was in retention. What she did do was kept insisting that I should tell her how many devices I have connected and what I use the internet for so she could help come up with the best solution for me. I explained over and over that I didn’t need help choosing a package, I needed help getting my account working the way it should. She was completely unwilling to even acknowledge that that was a problem. So finally out of frustration, I said look, if you’re not going to help fix my account or send me to someone that can, then I might as well just cancel my service.

Her response: OK. What day would you like to disconnect?

I had figured that I would be sent over to the retention department but nope. So I said at the end of the billing cycle. She told me the disconnect order was done and ended the chat. 

I decided to call and speak to someone instead. This time I did get the retention department who did very little retaining. I explained what happened but the agent told me that there was nothing that she could do because there was a disconnect order pending so she didn’t have any available options for me. What?!?

I ended up getting transferred to technical support and after 2 or 3 more transfers, I got ahold of Dalton, a level 2 support guy. Now I have to say, Dalton was very nice and helpful. He actually logged into my account so he could see exactly what it was that I was seeing and documented it. He told me that he had never seen anything like this before. He was sending a message to his team leader and promised that he would get back to me in a few days with an update. Unfortunately, I never heard back from Dalton. 

Call me a glutton for punishment I guess, but this past Saturday, I decided to give it one more try. After a few transfers, I ended up speaking to another level 2 tech who knew Dalton personally. He looked over all the notes and apologized profusely for the way that this had been mis-handled. He said he would definitely take care of this and offered to cancel the disconnect reminding me that I could always call back and disconnect at anytime. So I agreed to that and he said he would call back in a few hours. 

And of course, crickets… so tonight I called to try and get an update. After sitting on hold for a while, I then got transferred to I guess retention where I got a message they were closed and to call back tomorrow and then hung up on. Then I tried chat which went like this:

Hi! My name is Odane T. and I'm happy to help you.
11:10:52 PM [Jason] Hi. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with my account.
11:12:22 PM [Odane T.] Okay 
11:12:45 PM [Jason] I called 3 weeks ago and spoke to several different people. The last was a level 2 support guy named Dalton. He said he was going to open a ticket and get back to me. I have not heard back. I called again this past Saturday and spoke to a different level 2 support agent and he was trying to help and said that he’d call me back in a few hours. Never heard back from him either.
11:13:15 PM [Odane T.] What's the issue with the account? 

11:14:35 PM [Jason] Well, when I log in on the app or the website, I’m unable to see any of the available services and prices and ever since there was a disconnect put in for tomorrow, I don’t see anything at all.
11:15:17 PM [Jason] The guy on Saturday was supposed to cancel the disconnect because he said he would get the issue figured out…
11:15:33 PM [Jason] But it seems like maybe that didn’t happen?
11:16:20 PM [Odane T.]May I have your service address and Cox pin, please?​​

11:16:56 PM [Jason] xxxxx N xxxx Blvd unit xxx, Scottsdale AZ xxxxx

11:17:39 PM [Odane T.]Okay, one moment while I review the information. 

11:18:22 PM [Jason] Ok
11:20:13 PM [Odane T.]Okay so you would have to speak with the retention team to cancel the disconnect 

11:20:39 PM [Jason] They’re not open
11:20:50 PM [Jason] And I was told on Saturday that it would be canceled
11:26:50 PM [Jason] ??
11:30:23 PM [Jason] Hello?
11:34:37 PM [Jason] I’m waiting for a response
11:40:42 PM [Jason] Ok, well it’s been 20 minutes. Thank you for doing absolutely nothing.

Then I tried calling and got the phone version of the the same conversion. The guy literally held the line open not responding for 15 minutes before hanging up on me. 

I’m sorry, but Cox consistently has the worst customer service of ANY Utility out here. That’s saying a lot considering I have service with Southwest Gas and APS.  My service will be disconnected tonight at some point and I’ll have to work off my iPhone until Century Link can get out here. Apparently 17 years of paying your bill on time doesn’t get you a whole lot, service wise. 

Good Riddance.  

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