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3 years ago

Is COX a Telecom Provider?

I remember a year ago, all COX internet was lost due to a single fiber break in Mid-City.  This affected two parishes.  My thought was: wow, that's a pretty terrible design with this single point of failure.

After hurricane Ida, most people that I talked to in the affected area didn't have internet for 3 months.  Those that hat ATT fiber never lost it.

They don't seem to be serious about a vital service.  Seems like they're still treating this like TV entertainment.

They've got to be hemorrhaging customers where fiber is being offered. 

Just this week a coworker was complaining about his COX internet service being unavailable on a daily basis.  Having to reset his modem 3 or more times to get it back.

He thankfully was able to get ATT fiber.  Phenomenal speeds and guaranteed uptime.

COX has made tons of profit over the years yet failed to invest any of it in their infrastructure.  Clearly they don't know how to be a telecom.  Their infrastructure is lacking and haven't improved it.

My question: time to dump my COX stocks?

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