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7 months ago

IP address change request

Is there a way to ask Cox to change our IP address?  For a while we could not use Disney plus because Disney (wrongly) thought the Cox-provided IP address was a proxy. For now this seems to be fixed after hours on the chat with Disney support, but it left me curious whether there is an easy way to ask for a different public IP address from Cox.

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    You could do an Internet search for how to change IP address and see if that gets you what you need.  It's easier and quicker than spending hours in chat and probably more reliable. 

    You can switch your IP manually by adjusting your device’s settings. The easiest method to get a newly assigned IP address automatically, however, is unplugging your router on your home network. Unplug your router; once it’s plugged back in, the DHCP Server from your ISP may assign a new IP address to your router.

    This post indicates the device must be unplugged 24 hours,

    How to Release and Renew an IP Address

    1. Launch the command prompt.
    2. In the command prompt, type ipconfig/release.
    3. You’ll see a list of messages showing a disconnected status. This is normal and it means your network adapter has lost its connection to the network.
    4. Still in the command prompt, type ipconfig/renew.
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    What model router do you have? If possible, you could use MAC cloning on the router and reboot the modem for a new public IP address. This wouldn't work on a Cox Panoramic gateway though.

    Other then that, the only other way I know to get another IP is for Cox to un-provision your modem/gateway, wait for the router/CPE to lock with a 172.x.x.x IP then re-provision your modem again. This doesn't always work and may not work at all anymore.

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    The real answer is, Disney is using IP GEO Location, which is almost always 55-80% accurate. The problem is, ISP's will shift IP's to their various locations as needed. You could be in Sun Tan Valley AZ, and if they shifted some IP's from CT, you COULD show up as being in CT, even though you are in AZ. It's not the fault of Cox, is the fault of the company using Geolocation by IP address. SONY is another that does that, if you use sony tv services, you could end up watching tv for a whole different city/state because of geolocation by IP address. 

    The ONLY 2 ways for you to change your IP addess - 

    1. Is to change the MAC ID of the WAN Device, (Normally a router).
    2. Or to unplug your modem for a minimum of 24-36 hrs. Your WAN IP is on a 24 hour lease, and you need to disconnect your modem long enough for the lease to end, AND for someone else to pick up your IP that you were using, or when you turn your modem back on, you will get the same IP.

    The same kind of thing happens for ALL ISP's, and happens for MANY businesses, because they will use a VPN, which will show them in another city/state. and for almost every person who listens to the hype and pays money to use a VPN service. 

    Using a VPN Service doesn't nothing but separate you from your money. It will prevent nothing, doesn't stop viruses or trojans, and makes it difficult to use ANY service that uses IP geolocation, and also causes a headache for many email systems.