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4 years ago

IP / Domain blacklisted

10+ years ago I purchased a domain name from a provider but COX has recently blacklisted or blocked it.  The provider URL is
I can access the domain outside the COX's network just fine but when on the COX ISP at home or in our office I cannot access the site. 

How do I get this site un-blocked so I can access it?

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  • This does not appear to be blocked on our end. The only way a site typically gets blocked would be by our network security team if there is a clear threat like a virus or phishing attempts coming from a specific domain. When running a traceroute from my home connection/desktop pc it went through the traceroute without any problems. Normally if it was being blocked it would have reached an IP from our network security team on the last hop. The site did have trouble coming up through my desktop pc on Chrome with an "ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ ERROR" but oddly enough it did work on my cell phone using the exact same Cox internet, just through a mobile Chrome browser.

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      Traceroute seems to suggest slow response starting at hop 7.

      You should run ping and trace route several times, to confirm, and then discuss with your hosting provider.

      ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ ERROR might indicate a problem with the hosting server SSL setup.

      ========Starting Nmap 7.01 ( ) at 2021-04-24 16:58 EDT
      Nmap scan report for (
      Host is up (0.30s latency).
      rDNS record for

      TRACEROUTE (using proto 1/icmp)
      HOP RTT       ADDRESS
      1   14.93 ms  192.168.0.X
      2   73.67 ms  10.15.80.X
      3   60.78 ms
      4   70.48 ms
      5   69.14 ms (
      6   80.38 ms (
      7   297.49 ms (
      8   289.80 ms (
      9   290.48 ms (
      10  290.08 ms (
      11  293.03 ms
      12  288.90 ms
      13  ... 14
      15  294.87 ms (

      Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 8.03 seconds