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7 months ago

Internet Speeds

Good afternoon, 

I hope someone here can help me out as when I speak with customer service I don't seem to be getting anywhere.   

A few months ago I received an email that my speed was increasing in my area on my gigabit service.  It has been a 940 gb download and 40 gb upload for years now.  I was informed it would be moving up to 1000 gb download and 100 gb upload.      When it was first announced I was told I needed a technician to come out and check my lines to make sure everything looked good.    The appointment was set and the tech came out to do a line check and everythign looked fine.   

When I mentioed the speed increase he had no clue  what I was talking about and said it was cox who would need to update the system to match the updated speeds.   I contacted customer support again and tried to explain the situation but they just sent out another technician out who confirmed everything looked good at my house.  He also said he had nothing to do with the speed increase and Cox would have to enable it. 

My frustration is my account shows I should be getting the 1000 gb download/100 gb upload but nothing has ever been updated to match the speed.  When the technicians come out they read the original speed of 940/40.  

Can someone explain what needs to be done to increase the speeds to match the account? Customer service keeps wanting to send someone out but once their sent out they say they have no control over that. 

Any help is greatly appreicated. 

Thank you. 


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    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble getting clarification on the speed increase. I'm happy to look into this for you. Please email your full name, complete street address and details of your inquiry to with a link to your post here. Since this isn't really a topic the community could give much input into as far as a resolution, I'm going to lock your thread.  I look forward to receiving your email.