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4 years ago

Internet Speed

I am paying for 150mps each month which cost 95.00 a month. Went and got a new panoramic modem or router the other day. Worst decision i every made. won't even cover the house. I did a speed test the last two days and the fastest download speed I can get is 9.0 mps. Had the service man out , he said that our computers  are to old.   He was more concerned about his service rating. I also live on the tale end of the cable line does that make a difference? Really tired of paying for nothing. Any ideas. Could we have to much stuff on our router?

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    it's not meant, nor advertised to cover entire house!!

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      LisaH's response is just the standard Cox smokescreen. Their infrastructure can't handle the load at present, but you'll never hear them admit that. They'll just continue to steal your money without delivering what you pay for.

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    You are doing great I am paying for the Giga Blast and am not seeing speeds as high as you have for the lower service.

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      @TJ in CT, What speeds are you currently getting? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    Yes i am having same issue . during day ill get 150-375 down and .5 to 17 upload and jitter is all over the place as high as 50

    I had tech out and he shows line throughput is 940 and should be 1.4 but he said that would not cause my internet speed . I had more consistent connection with old modem with 150 preferred. .but now i have to use verizon wireless hotspot to get stable connection to work... had a total of 5 techs look at line remotely and 2 said i needed to upgrade cox equipment and the other 2 found high packet loss  to cox modem different times during day. I had to prove to cox field tech that my pc was not issue by connecting a 3nd and 3rd pc to cox via wireless and Ethernet cable to show poor speed. Right now reminds me of the days of dsl overloading wee all customers in area shared the bandwidth. Im a telecommunications tech by trade and I find the lack of experience shocking in basic troubleshooting as i should not have to tell a tech on phone or in field how ot troubleshoot and isolate problem.