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2 years ago

Internet pricing

How does Cox justify $119/mo for Gigablast + $49/mo for unlimited data? 

Spectrum Cable offers gigabit with no data cap for $60/mo

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    Supply and demand? I assume Cox has no fiber competition in your area.

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      ATT offers fiber is some locations around me, but not in my neighborhood. 

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        That stinks. I live in RI where they don't enforce the cap but I had to move to a area that offered fiber. It was actually one of the main deciding factor in choosing my new place.

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    In my area, Century Link offers fiber and no cap for $69, last time I looked. However, you must use their FOM modem/router combo. In the past, when I checked, you couldn't even determine in advance what they would bring out to the house. Customer Service didn't know, and Tech Support wouldn't talk to you without an account. They've improved, but have a ways to go, and getting a drop at my location would be a big issue. In my opinion, Cox is more responsive to outages and issues in our area at this time. By staying with 500 mbps and a 1280 GB plan, we stay around $80 which works well for us. We're using under 800 GB, even with various streaming channels, Teams live meetings with video going much of the day, and so on.

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    I got billed $100 twice for overage and that overage time plus more was listed as "network speed testing troubleshooting" They charge different amounts for the same service. (i don't mean the discountedial trial,) I was looking at plans and it said you have gigablast 1.25TB for what I pay and that I could upgrade to gigablast with 1.25TB ,(same plan) for $20 less. I screnshot the page.

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      Normally, it's either for new customer, people upgrading their service, or signing up for a 1 to 2 year term, and your rate is locked in at the lower rate. Lets see the snapshot.

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    the phony data caps and over usage fees are just a extortion scheme. and cox can easily afford to get rid of the data caps since the internet has at least 1 outage every single week. its 2023 and theres no need for the 1.25tb data cap. its no wonder why i download about 100gb a day when the hotspot wofi does work