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5 months ago

Internet outage fixed

Location:  Green Valley, AZ

After five days with our internet being down, contacting tech support 12 times, my post on this site generated a response.  A tech service person was scheduled for the next day and the problem (incorrect installation of hardware at the box at the street) was fixed.  Our internet is back up and running.  Many thanks to the site moderator who intervened and helped me   

The reason the outage at my house (and my neighbor’s house) went on so long is that there is a broader outage (Cox upgrade) in my area.  Once the call center saw that note pop up on their screens, they refused to or couldn’t send a technician to our home despite my telling them that all my neighbors had service with 2 exceptions.  Indeed, it was a problem specific to the box in front of my house.  Perhaps additional training could be provided to the call center so they take an extra step to screen the area and see how many houses are without internet.   Thank you moderators for helping me.  


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