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18 days ago

Internet outage again in South Chandler AZ

What is going on with Cox? Again there is an outage in my area (zip code 85249). Recently there was a 3 day outage and again there is an outage. I was really surprised there was no credit or anything for the 3 day outage and again there is no outage with no recourse. Is anyone switching ?



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    File an FCC complaint. The only thing they care about is money and their monopoly makes you guaranteed profit. Fines and regulations are the only thing they care about. You will be contacted by someone with actual authority to fix the issue or thy will get fined for not addressing it.

  • Hi rssarkar. We apologize for the interruption to your service. We understand that service is important to you and regret your experience with these outages. Please keep in mind that you can sign up for text alerts for outages, you can also check outages on the outage map.  Please email us at for further support.