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2 months ago

Internet out

It has been a week since a tornado hit my city. The electric companies have been able to restore electricity to several thousands of people and yet I still have no service with Cox and No Communication from cox. All they will say is we are working on it and the. Send me links to local hotspots. I need to be home with my pets and need my internet in my home not have to go to a coffee shop to watch a show or do some work. Also does this mean we will get a credit on our account for a service I am paying for but haven’t had for over a week?!?!?!  I need some answers. I know people in harder hit areas that have service. Extremely frustrating! 

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  • Document every minute that you don’t have Internet. Then demand a credit.  I went for seven months without paying my bill in full because I demanded a credit for every minute that I didn’t have Internet. I’m not paying for a service that I’m not getting. I only paid for the minutes that it was working.  Because they’re going to continue to bill you for your full monthly bill even though you don’t have Internet. In my case, it was found that the lines leading to our house were faulty.  Had nothing to do with the interior of our home. It was all on them. It kept going in and out, in and out, and in and out multiple times a day. Why did it take seven months? Because I had appointments that they claimed I wasn’t home when they showed up. WRONG!  I was here. They just lied and said that I wasn’t. They wouldn’t even answer their personal cell phones. I sit here with my front door open and my garage door open sitting on a chair waiting for them because I know how they are. They aren’t even COX employees. They’re all third-party contractors and they’re the dregs of society.  They do not show up but report that they did. All they do is lie.  I finally had to threaten to take them to the new stations and report them and what they were doing.  It wasn’t until then that they finally sent somebody out here and corrected the problem. Do I get those seven months back of my life worth of stress? Of course not.  

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      Hello killerqueen2018 

      I know that ongoing issues can be frustrating, and I'm sorry you had to go through this. I wouldn't like it either if I had to spend so much time with trouble, then to have appointments cancelled like that. We will always credit for time without service when we've been made aware of the issue and we're actively working to resolve it. You can  email us at with your full name, complete street address, the details of your concern and a link to this post. You can also reach us on Titter/X  @CoxHelp, or visit us on Facebook.

      Your situation is a bit different from the original author. Dealing with the aftermath of the storms can be hard. During a natural disaster, it can be difficult to determine how long it will take to restore services due to several issues including power restoration, storm debris in the way, and current weather conditions. We’re working hard to safely to restore services as quickly as possible.

  • For account-specific support, please email us at with your full name/full address and reference this post. This post will not be automatically linked to your email. This is a place for customers to assist other customers with things that may be out of the scope of Cox coverage. Thank you.