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10 months ago

Internet Out ALL day

I've never had an internet provider have this many issues with getting wifi up and running :/ it happens all of the time. It went out this morning and they keep pushing back the time frame. Why does this happen so often..? It's very frustrating to pay what you pay and have it not working frequently for extended periods of time. 

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  • Hello there. I am sorry for the service issues you are experiencing. We strive to ensure our service remains reliable and operates properly at all times for our customer's needs. We can definitely apply adjustments for services that are not working due to declared outages. We would not want our customers to pay for services that they are not receiving through no fault of their own.  Can you send us an email to with your full name and complete address? We would certainly like to help in any way we can.  



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    Is it the WiFi that is a problem, but Ethernet connected devices are working, or is the internet out on all your devices? What modem/router are you using?