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2 years ago

Internet Issues - Twitch

So since about May of this year, I have been having some issues with the internet connection, specifically in regards to streaming on Twitch (or livestreaming in general). 
Anytime I've tried to stream since May, I basically just can't. Using a tool called the Twitch Bandwidth Test, you can see bandwidth usage and get ratings based on how good/bad the connection is. Normally, this is a great tool to use to gauge which server may be the best to stream to. However, anytime I try to use the tool now, the test immediately returns a "Failed" status on the bandwidth, which isn't too great. 
Another way I like to test stream is using Twitch Inspector. This site allows you to run a test stream and view in real-time how your connection is holding up. Once again though, there is some sort of error or issue that is happening, as anytime I use this, my connection tends to stay consistent to my bitrate settings in my stream encoder for a few moments, but after that, it falls to 0 kb/s and never recovers. 
At this point, I really do not know what else to try on my end. I've done all the things I can think to try with my limited knowledge of networks, including:

-Upgrading my network hardware 
-Upgrading to a faster plan

-Upgrading my PC's OS

-Testing multiple configs in my stream encoder settings

Again, I'm lost at this point. Speeds seem relatively consistent most of the time I check speed tests and the like, and downloads on things like Steam for PC games and my other systems connections seem pretty solid. I have noticed a few times that the connection does just give out for short periods of time, though that could just be due to weather or some sort of maintenance in the area. I have also seen that around the forums here, some other users are reporting inconsistent up/down speeds, which I have to wonder may be what is going on with me as well. I would greatly appreciate any info or help that could be provided, as I really just want to get back to a hobby I enjoy a lot, even if it's just that for now. 

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    My understanding is their network infrastructure is old and oversold, given the sudden rush to upgrade nodes/lines.

    Very high chance it’s not your PC or network hardware. I’m been going through the same thing for since May also, so I have to ask, are you in FL?

    When the internet is working correctly OBS suggests 1080p 60 at 6000 kb/s, when internet is running badly OBS suggests 480p 30 at 1800 kb/s.

    Twitch Bandwidth Tool mirrors this as well, 8000 kb/s and 805+ quality to tested servers when good, 1000-3000 kb/s and 0 quality when bad. 

    The Cox specific speed tests will often show okay speeds because it runs once and that’s it, it doesn’t stay running.

    I would say run OBS in “bandwidth test mode” at 6000 kb/s. Whatever kb/s it shows will be close to your actual upload is. I saw 3000 kb/s when tech was here, he saw 3mb directly at the pole, so isn’t my hardware.

    If you see below 3000 kb/s upload that’s under the FCC broadband requirements, and filing a informal complaint will have Escalations calling you in 2-3 days. They actually do listen and try to fix the problem.

    Sadly calling and emailing gets you non Cox techs who will speedrun the visit and not really do anything, as they are supposedly paid based on how many jobs per day. Out of 5 tech visits, it wasn’t until my complaint that I finally got someone competent to come out, and thankfully Escalations will give you their direct number for further problems.

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      Why yes, I am also in FL!
      In addition to posting here, I also put in a support ticket with OBS to see if they could offer any tips or advice. I tried doing some of the things they suggested, such as:
      -Binding to a specific IP
      -Making sure specific apps (Like OBS and the Bandwidth test tool) were whitelisted in the Firewall settings
      Unfortunately, the issues persist regardless. Performing any tests on the encoding software itself results in the same flatline to 0 kb/s, and the bandwidth test tool still comes back with "Failed" on every server I try.  

      Looks like I still just have to keep trying different things, or just continue to deal with the issues sadly. 

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        NW FL by chance? don't have to answer if asking too much. It's not Twitch, or OBS. Twitch Studio and YouTube have the same results. Either I get above advertised speeds, or speeds below what my Verizon iPhone is capable of. 

        In my case it was something wrong with the tap on pole, and now they think its noise, which it very well may be.

        Email you name, address, and a link to you post. They can get you a tech out. when the tech comes make sure they test your speeds on their handheld, directly from the coax, until this is done no progress will be made. I don’t know what service level you have, but you should see speeds that are at or very close to what’s advertised, ie I’ve had slightly above the advertised gigablast speeds for years.