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4 months ago

Internet goes out every night around 7pm

I pay for the highest gigablast and my internet continues to go our every night for about an hour or two and then comes back fine. Cox has told me that they would send somebody out but it was going to call $75 and they also want me to use their router which the one that I have is better than what they have seems like the issue is on their side. Is anybody else running into this? I’m in Roanoke VA.

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    I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing disruptions. Service calls do not result in a $75 charge for issues with Cox equipment or Cox signal delivery. Customers may also use their own modems, so long as it's compatible with the network and service level. I'd be glad to further review the issues you're experiencing. Please feel free to email my team at Please include your name, address, and a link or copy of your post in your email. Thank you.