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Internet goes out every day at 7:34 PM. This is absolutely a COX router problem. Why?

I know this question has been asked several times but Cox continually and COMPLETELY fails to answer the question.  Can someone with some intelligence please answer the question as to why and also how to fix it?   The COX router goes down for about 5 minutes at 7:34 pm.  Some people on this site has said it will happen 24 hour after you reset and repeat again every day. But I reset the COX router this morning around 12:20am. The router still went down at 7:34 pm tonight.  This is a very inconvenient time.  This is the second COX router we got. The first one was also useless.  No Cox I am not going to reset the router again and again and again because you are incompetent.  

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    If it happens at 7:34 every day, check with your neighbors. Almost sounds like someone with a ham radio nearby injecting interference on equipment startup. 

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    If it's happening at the same time every day I would suspect that something on a timer either in your location or possibly a neighbor's location is interfering with your router which could be very difficult to figure out.  If you can't figure it out I would try a non Cox router to see if that cures the problem.

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    Review your Windows Scheduled Tasks to see if anything is scheduled at or just before 7:34 pm.