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4 years ago

Internet Essential 50 has less data than Starter Package

I recently upgraded from a starter internet package to the next level up because I was getting warnings telling me my data usage has gone over 80%. So here we are the next month with a new email stating I've reached 80% of my data usage, but it's less than the month before with the cheaper package. WHY AM I PAYING MORE TO HAVE LESS DATA????? WE ALL HAVE KIDS WHO HAVE TO DO ONLINE LEARNING, COX ARE YOU TRYING TO SCAM US???? I got the upgrade so I wouldn't get these blasted emails!!!! When did the internet become like a cellphone service? Didn't we use to pay for the speed of the internet, not how much we use? Are we back in the 90's using AOL??

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    If you were satisfied with Starter, you should rollback to Starter.  If anything, its lower bandwidth would take longer to reach your data cap.