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25 days ago

Internet drops; zero upload

For the last year, my internet intermittently drops or grinds to a sluggish pace. I have gigablast, have Eero Pro 6 routers all through the house, have an Arris sb8200 modem (which per Cox is compatible and I have used prior versions over the years with no issue). I even bought another Arris sb8200 to see if first one was bad. I have had Cox out to my house at least 6 times in last year to investigate but not one tech can "find the problem" but they tinker with things every time they come. Sometimes it goes out in the morning before work, sometimes midday, sometimes at night. Happens when I am the only one home working or when whole family is home working, streaming, gaming.

I am about to lose my mind over this. I have had Cox for almost 15 years and no issues until about a year ago. All the equipment and plan I have I've had for more than a year so to me, it can't be the equipment, and I have the fastest plan. So all signs point to the problem being on Cox's end. But they have checked the street, the outside of the house, the inside of the house, with no solution.

If anyone has a suggestion I am all ears. The only thing I don't want to do is get the Panoramic Wifi modem if at all possible. I've never needed it before and prefer not to use it since it is a modem and router and I am happy with my Eero routers and don't want to have to replace them.

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  • Hello amyfontes, 


    Thanks for reaching out to the Social Media Team and being a member of the Cox Family. I am sorry you're having issues with your internet connection. My suggestion would be to connect one device directly to the modem (no router) using an ethernet cable, then restart the modem and the computer to test your connection. Leave your computer connected directly to the modem for as long a time, as you can, to see if the issue recurs. 


    Let us know the results. 


    Thank you for being so patient, 



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      When I plugged in the computer (Mac) straight to the modem, I turned off wifi on computer, and internet worked...but then the Eero mesh router did not (no wireless signal to other computers in house using wifi). So unplugged computer from modem and went around the house and hard reset the routers, and then internet/wifi was fine. This evening (4:45ish) internet/wifi was slow again so I plugged computer directly back into modem, turned off wifi on computer, but then couldn't get the internet on computer. I didn't touch the modem or router (other than to connect the computer back to modem) and after a minute the router/wifi started working again (for devices using the wifi) but the connected computer still did not.

      It is next to impossible to recreate this "drop" scenario when a Cox tech is in the house to troubleshoot. It happens randomly, at various times of the day or night, several times a day. Only lasts for a couple of minutes and then recorrects itself. By the time I run around house to get a computer and move it to where the modem is to connect directly to it, the signal has often come back on strong.

      We have a mix of wired and wireless devices in the house. We have the Arris sb8200, the Eero Pro 6 mesh routers (5 of them), and a switch for the ethernet cables that come from the rooms/wall outlets to the smart panel.

      Really frustrated because trying to troubleshoot/isolate on own is hard and like I said, never something that is a problem when the tech arrives. Like bringing a car in to the mechanic on the day it decides to run perfectly. Since the drops only last a couple of minutes, it resolves before I've been able to finish testing/troublshooting.

      Any advice is appreciated.

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        Hi amyfontes, 


        We understand having connections issues can be frustrating. I have a mesh system at my home as well and although it is amazing, having to reboot all of the individual devices can be annoying. When you wired directly into the Modem alone we know that the wifi will not work. That is the point here that we are trying to figure out. Are the issues happening when directly connected or only when the router is involved? When wiring directly into the modem, if you're unable to connect, it is best to reboot both devices. When you wired in initially, how long did you test the connection? Did you lose connection during that time? From what you've written is seems the issues are mainly when connected to the router and that is what we are trying to pin point. 


        We do not troubleshoot 3rd party routers but our Cox Complete Care Team can assist with that. For additional information, .  If you'd like, we can look into the modem. Feel free to send us an email to Cox.Help@Cox.Com with your full name, address and link to this forum.