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10 months ago

Internet Drops Repeatedly

Hello all,

Bottom line up front: our internet and cable tv started to repeatedly and randomly drop out recently and I'm hoping this community can help us ID what to do to get this resolved with cox. 


Cox customer in Fairfax, VA.  After years without issue, our internet and tv started dropping for 10-15 minute periods to several hours, then comes back without a readily identifiable cause for either the drop or return to service.  Getting flashing orange lights, flashing green lights, sometimes a combination of both on our pw6 panoramic router when it is out. No change in our browsing behavior or equipment, started out of the blue best we can tell. Called out a technician who recommended we upgrade to pw7 router and modem. We did this last week however the drops continue at various times of day for various lengths, all of them disruptive. technicians also tested signal coming into the home and said it was fine (note the network was up and working fine at the time, not in a random down period when he visited). Another tech scheduled to come tomorrow AM. Any tips on what I should ask him to look at to get this fixed?

any help would be appreciated -- thank you!



a frustrated dad trying to let his kids watch Disney + without interruptions 

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    There are so many possible causes for these problems so it's pretty tough to speculate what sort of questions would be best.  The Field Technician who will be going out will be able to check all possible causes inside and outside of your home.  I would just let them know that these issues have been reoccurring frequently.



  • Thank you Stephanie, I appreciate the reply. Is there anything I should specifically bring up to look at if everything is working correctly during their visit? In reading through the forums many have discussed things like packet loss or variable voltage upstream as causes which the tech didn't mention at all during the last visit. Really hoping to look at everything as thoroughly as possible to prevent repeated call outs. Thank you!

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    I'd be more than happy to take a look at your account, that may be helpful.  Please send an email to: and include your full name and address.  Please refer to this forums post. Thanks!