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7 months ago

Internet down

In Irvine and my internet just stopped working. All devices will not work. No billing issues and the app says no known issues at the moment. Anyone else having this issue?

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    What model modem do you have and what lights are on it? Have you tried a power cycle?

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    If your Internet went down just before you posted and it's not a frequent thing, go for a walk (weather permitting) or do something to just relax for a bit.  If you know your neighbors, ask them if their Internet is down.  You can phone Cox to report it if you want, but it's probably just a short-term, local outage that will be fixed quickly.  If your Internet remains out for an extended period of time, contact  Post back when Internet is restored.

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        Was that for my benefit?  OP joined the forums 4 minutes before he posted to tell people across 19 states that his Internet had just stopped working.  He wouldn't have even known yet if he had anything more than a "stuff happens" temporary issue.  I think relax was good advice until he knows if he even has a real issue.  Now I'm going to take my own advice and watch some football.