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9 months ago


Cox is simply the worst. My internet goes down minimally every week sometimes as many as three times a week for three to four hour periods. The funny thing is as I pulled in my condo complex their was a Cox truck parked in our parking lot but it was an hour before the Internet went out. I honestly think Cox is turning off our Internet for planned periods of time. 

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    I'd be more than happy to investigate this for you.  Please send me an email to and include your full name and address along with a link to this forums discussion.



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      Hi, please delete your forums post that contains your address.  You've posted your address on a public platform.  Please send me an email at:  Thanks. 



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        StephanieS wrote:

        please delete your forums post that contains your address.

        Op should edit their post to remove personal information, but he/she can't delete it.