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4 years ago

Internet disconnects multiple times per day - Roanoke County resident

I am a home-based virtual teacher and having reliable internet service is vitally important for my job. However, like others have reported here, my internet connection will drop out for about 30-60 seconds multiple times per day. This is very disruptive and distracting when I'm teaching a class!! 

This is not a new issue for us, and it affects our internet TV service also (so I'm 99% sure the problem is not with my computer). Last year, Cox replaced the coax cable from the junction box by our driveway all the way to the house, after determining the existing cable was quite old. Unfortunately, this did not make much difference at all. A few months ago, the cutoffs became more and more frequent. Cox sent out a technician who ran a new cable line from the outside connection point so it would be in the same room as the modem/router, since he theorized that the wiring inside the walls of the house was probably 30+ years old. He also replaced the modem/router with a brand new unit, but these changes have not resulted in any improvement. 

If we had any alternative provider, we would certainly sign up for their service, but we are stuck with Cox because they have a monopoly on providing internet service in our area. It's incredibly frustrating and aggravating to have so many disruptions in our service. As others have noted above, it seems to get worse around 3pm and stays very unstable through the evening hours. I would be very thankful to get this problem fixed once and for all. Any suggestions???

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    I can definitely understand how important it is to have a reliable Internet connection. I did take a look at the connection from this end however I'm not seeing anything that would explain the results you're getting. Would it be possible to try testing a wired connection to see if that also experiences problems?