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6 months ago

Internet connection issues

Why is cox having so many connection issues lately? I do not have service during prime office hours. This is becoming a routine problem. Can't you fix the problem for good? What is the issue with so many down days? Very poor service.

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  • Hello Srishar, 

    It sounds like you may have had outages in the area. I can understand how frustrating these can be, especially when everyone relies on the internet for work, school, and day-to-day activities.  My team and I would be happy to look into what's going on with your services. Can you email us at with your name, address, and a link to this thread? 


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        Hello Srishar, 

        Thank you. We will keep an eye out for the email and response soon.


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    How about some info? Wifi? Ethernet? Modem type? is it online? have you done any troubleshooting?

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      More "kvetching"? I try to ignore a post unless they show some semblance of wanting to troubleshoot. So many people post here once then disappear.  However, I get bored sometimes and post anyway.

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      LOl, when I have a message from COX saying there is an existing outage I don't need to troubleshoot I guess. Thanks, I have had many such outages hence had posted. Now it has been rectified.

  • Srishar, 


    Thank you for being a valued Cox family member. I work from home, so I know how important it is to have reliable internet service. For assistance with connection issues feel free to contact us via Twitter CoxHelp, or Facebook. Please include a link to this thread. 


    Thank you, 



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