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10 months ago

Internet buffering/freeze

Ever since the new fiber upgrade-we have had nothing but problems with the tv buffering freezing along with the computer and phone on Wi-Fi. Have tried numerous times to get help with this. Switched out my Motorola modem/router to a cox leased box...still no help. I am so extremely frustrated at this point that I am considering waiting to AT&T internet. Anyone else having these problems?

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  • I am so sorry to hear you are having service issues. I understand the importance of having reliable service. We value you and would love the opportunity to assist you. Please DM us your complete name and address so we can assist you. -Doris

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      I have a technician coming once again this afternoon. Here is the process I have gone through-

      Weeks before this -occasional buffering. Seemed to start after fiber upgrade.

      Internet and Wi-Fi goes down during all these episodes

      Thursday - September 14

      Thursday night football buffering during game ( constantly) - restart at half time -still buffering

      Friday September 15



      Friday called and made tech appointment

      Saturday September 16

      Technician here and changed out modem to leased cox modem. Said this should be the cure-checked all lines outside. But….

      Froze up during a movie on Prime 11:00 pm Saturday night

      Sunday September 17

      2:30  pm internet interruption and buffering

      4:30 pm internet interruption and buffering

      Text assistance and restart

      Monday September 18

      3:00 pm buffering freeze

      Called in -restart and diagnostics-told to call again tomorrow if it is still happening

      5:30 pm -internet interruption and buffering

      6:55 pm internet interruption and buffering

      Tuesday September 19

      Away most of the day

      7:30 pm  internet interruption and buffering

      Wednesday September 20

      12:30 pm internet interruption and buffering

      Called again-unresolved technical scheduled for tomorrow.

      Unplugged fire sticks from tvs in bedrooms and powered down iPad @ 1:30 - per recommendation from customer service representative

      2:00 pm internet interruption and buffering

      6:30 pm internet interruption and buffering

      Thursday September 21

      8:30 am - Internet interruption and buffering twice-

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        Didee, You shouldn't have to reset the modem or router so often. We may need to keep your appointment for this visit to help further ascertain a solution. We can help investigate what the modem is reporting. You may email us at with your name and complete address.