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4 years ago

Inconsistent Internet, Horrible Ping Spikes

This has been going on for about a year now (maybe more, just haven't noticed it), before even the virus stuff started. My internet connection is inconsistent with a lot of sharp ping spikes which makes any online gaming pretty unplayable. From completely unplayable rubberbanding to smaller micro stutters, it's really angering that I can't do the one thing I can enjoy during these times. No one else I game with even remotely encounters these kinds of issues that I'm having. But it's all very inconsistent, I have yet to find any pattern on when It'll be bad or decent.

I've already replaced everything inside my house: New wires, router and modem. And my computer is always hard wired. I've had Cox techs come by multiple times all to give me the same simple excuse for a reason. And here I am still with internet issues.

I usually have a trace route running to monitor at all times. Here's a sample with my computer connected directly to the modem. I would say this is about mid range of how bad it gets. Not the worst, but not exactly the best. I hope this can give more insight to what might be the cause.


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  • @Cliffhanger, There was an issue identified in your area that was resolved by our maintenance team on the 14th of this month. Since you are still experiencing high latency, I recommend having a tech come back out and see what was missed. Please send us an email with your full address and a link to this thread to Thanks. -Allan. Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Oh interesting. The sample I provided was from the 8th, however just yesterday it was noticeably bad. I will go and email them based on your suggestions, thanks.