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27 days ago

I hate Yahoo

I really miss the old Cox email

Here's why: 1) they bombard you with ads and to get rid of them you have to pay $60/year 2) All support requires payment - I did find a way around it by starting a chat and eventually it said it would have someone contact me - but I shouldn't have to do this 3) You can only block 500 domains and 1000 emails - no filters any more so you can't block by subject. What they define as filters are different 4) The trash is emptied automatically after 7 days 5) It doesn't show the number of emails next to Spam - you have to click on it 6) You can't sort the trash 

Cox didn't bother telling you how to get emails for non internet like Outlook, or even tell you you needed to do anything. I had to go out to OEClassic which is what I use to find out how to do this.

The only thing I do like is that I can use bold, italics, colors, etc in sending emails.

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