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2 years ago

How to setup a mesh network with the cox CGM4140COM modem/router?

I have the Cox Panaromic modem/router and a Nighthawk MS60 mesh router with 2 extra satellites.  I also have 2 of the wireless cable boxes and 2 wired coax cable tv boxes and also have Cox VOIP home phone service.  When I setup the the mesh network I put the cox panaromic  router in bridge mode (which disables MOCA) and set up the nighthawk mesh network.  Everything worked fine except the two coax cable boxes.  I looked at the connected devices for the panaromic router and realized that the coax boxes are connected via MOCA.  I'll admit I know very little about MOCA.  I tried calling tech support and they had no technical experience (basically went down the tech support script which was no use to me).  I had them send out a technician and he had no idea what to do other than replace the coax boxes with wireless ones (but he said there might issues with losing all your saved dvr shows, not exactly sure why).  So hopefully I am trying to get some useful advice here.  I tried to see if there was a way to enable MOCA while the cox router was in bridge mode but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that.  If you're in bridge mode MOCA is always disabled.  I tried to see if I could enable MOCA on the nighthawk mesh router but it doesn't seem to have a moca adapter built in (the little research I did seems to show that little if any consumer mesh routers have a MOCA adapter built in.  So what do I do?  Should I just replace the coax cable boxes with wireless ones?  Will that cause any issues?  Should I buy a moca adapter?  I would have to do research on how to set that up (any minimum specs it needs like docsis 3.1 for modems, does it need to be configured, where in the network it needs to placed, etc.).  It's weird because I know you can rent panaromic mesh "pods" but I wanted to save money by buying my own mesh system.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.