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5 years ago

How to: Paste clipboard images and upload files

Click the "click to join" prompt at the bottom of the screen.  You will then be able to paste clipboard images and upload files from your computer into Replies in this forum group That's all you have to do.   


Note: The above is an example from the Internet Forum.  The xxxxxx "Forum requires membership for participation" will vary depending on which forum you're in.

If you want to copy and paste an image into a forum post or reply, you must first be a member of that forum group (TV, Internet, Phone or Apps).  If you don't have a "click to join" prompt at the bottom of the screen, you're already a member.  If you have the prompt, click it to join the forum group.  A subscription to the forum will then be created automatically.  You will begin receiving a notification for every post and reply added to the forum, including threads (Questions and Discussions) that you haven't participated in.  If you only want notifications for threads you've participated in, "unsubscribe" from that forum.  You will still be a member of the forum group and will be able to paste copied images into posts and replies.                                                    

1. Join the forum group to enable copied images to be pasted into forum posts and replies.

2. Unsubscribe from the forum to only receive notifications for threads participated in.

   If you want to receive notifications for all posts and replies in the selected forum, skip step #2.

  Actions apply only to the selected forum and only need to be performed one time.

  Repeat for other forums as desired.

How to join a forum group

Click the "click to join" banner at the bottom of the page.  This is the quickest way to join.


1. Select the individual forum from the selections on the top row.

2. Click inside the circle on the second row just left of the selected forum name.  

3. On the page displayed, click "Join" on the far right side near the top of the page.

 How to leave a forum group

1. Select the individual forum from the selections on the top row.

2. Click inside the circle on the second row just left of the selected forum name.  

3. On the page displayed, click "Leave" on the far right side near the top of the page.

 How to unsubscribe from a forum

1. Click your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page. 

2. Click "Settings"

3. Click "Subscriptions"

4. Click "Unsubscribe" for each forum to only receive notifications for threads participated in.

     This allows you to unsubscribe from multiple forums on the same page.


    Click "Turn Forum notifications off" from each individual forum home page.

.How to subscribe to a forum

    Click "Turn Forum notifications on" from each individual forum home page.

    Note: This may take a couple of minutes to complete.

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  • CurtB....thanks for the brief summary about Image cut/paste, comments about this Reply box and about the differences between Joining and Subscription Notifications.  Between yours and Bruce comments in my other thread on this subject....well lets hope users can make some sense of this subject.  How you or Bruce were able to weave your way thru the different page locations is amazing...I guess just push some buttons. 

    Your note about Turning the Reply notifications does seem to sometimes work.  When I turn mine on, the message turns to off and I have been able to see under the Profile/subscription my Internet Turned on.  Not consistently though.  Even F5 refresh doesn't always work.  Some switch must be broken.

    The other item, the Circle next to Internet Forum....never noticed this as a functional icon (especially the "Leave" as well as the ..More showing the members...  also the display of comments under the Circle is presented differently.

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      How you or Bruce were able to weave your way thru the different page locations is amazing

      Thanks, that was me.  I spent a considerable amount of time researching, testing and documenting this.  Bruce just didn't like my first version of this summary.  But I did make a few revisions from his notes, so thanks for that.

      This is an example of subscriptions to the Apps and Internet forums.

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    Mouth...are you a Cox subscriber?  I thought you disco'd from Cox a while back.  You previously said you couldn't create a post so I assumed Cox transferred your account to a non-Cox (general public) account.

    Curt...I didn't talk you out of anything.  I recommended to be consistent with your terms.

    "Definitions.  You should define and distinguish...or just eliminate...some of your terms:  comment, forum, group, post, thread.  What's the difference between a post and a comment?  Also, you're using the terms forum and group interchangeably.  What the difference between a group and an individual forum?  KISS."

    This entire website is the Forum.  One originally joins the Forum.  This Forum is broken into Groups:  TV, Internet, Phone, App.  In accordance with the settings, you can join a Group or leave a Group.  That's the difference.

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      Bruce, take a breath.  You're reading way more into an innocent comment than was ever intended.  You gave me some notes to help me and I used them.  I appreciate when people help me.

      But to follow up, you're actually making my point for originally using "forum group" rather than just "forum".  For accuracy, it's sometimes better to refer to a forum group.  I opted to simplify to "forum" to avoid confusion.  The irony of it all is that I was the one who caused the confusion with WiderM when I referred to "group" when the procedure referred to "forum".  But, in so far as what a user needs to do, "forum" is fine.  It isn't really necessary to know about creating groups and subscriptions.  All the user cares about is whether they can paste a copied image and how the heck do I stop all these notifications I don't want?

      Anyway, we're all good if you're all good.  

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        I wouldn't have had a problem with Forum Group.  Just capitalize as a proper term and use it consistently.

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    The non-secret to English is a logical pattern of a thought.  The secret to a checklist is accuracy, brevity and clarity.  If you use 3 different terms to describe the same thing, you disrupt thought.  If you disrupt thought, you're defeating the purpose of a checklist because you're suppose to be guiding somebody to accomplish something.

    Thread may be a "widely accepted term" but believe it or not, some people don't know what it is.  KISS

    You kinda did it again with this version.  A post is the original post.  A reply is a contribution to said post.  For example, this sentence: "... including threads in which you've never participated."  Why use "threads?"  Just use "post."

    Copy-and-paste involves the clipboard.  I thought we wanted to navigate and upload an image from our drive?

    I only read your first paragraph but not the rest.

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      A post is the original post.  A reply is a contribution to said post.  For example, this sentence: "... including threads in which you've never participated."  Why use "threads?"  Just use "post."

      I agree with "post' and I agree with "reply".  But, "thread" is the post and all of the replies.  If I reply to one of your replies, you will receive a "Responses to you" notification because you had replied to the post and/or one or more replies.  I'm using "thread" in lieu of  "Questions and discussions" (which is what Cox uses)  because it's shorter.

      (I've written this thing three times now.  I keep forgetting to swap windows when I check on wording of the notifications because I'm trying to type and watch the Redskins-Cowboys game at the same time).

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        If I reply to one of your replies, you will receive a "Responses to you" notification because you had replied to the post and/or one or more replies.  I'm using "thread" in lieu of  "Questions and discussions" (which is what Cox uses)  because it's shorter.

        It doesn't matter.  It's a wanted notification.  It doesn't matter if it's a reply to my post, reply to my reply or somebody's reply to somebody's reply.  The details of threads, questions and discussions don't matter because the notifications are in the realm of wanted...vs unwanted.

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    This took me 7 minutes.  Does it work?


    If you do not have the option to upload a file from your PC, you must join the applicable Forum Group (TV, Internet, Phone, Apps).

    However, if you join a Forum Group, you will receive notifications of every action within the Forum Group, which would include posts you haven't participated or read.

    How to Join a Forum Group

    1.  Go to the applicable Forum Group
    2.  Click the following banner at the bottom of the page
         [Group] Forum Requires Membership for Participation - Click to Join
    3.  Click OK on the confirmation dialog box
    4.  Result:  You are now a member of the Group

    How to Limit Notifications

    1.  Click your profile image in the upper-right corner of the page
    2.  Select Settings
    3.  Select the Subscriptions tab
    4.  Choose a subscribed Group
    5.  Select Unsubscribe next to the subscribed Group
    6.  Note the following confirmation in the upper-right
         Subscription Removed
    7.  Repeat for any remaining Group(s)
    8.  Result:  notifications will be limited to only your participated posts

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      It looks fine, but an issue I see is that Joe Public may not understand your technically accurate phrasing.  Joe may think "But I don't want to upload a file from my PC.  All I want to do is paste this screen shot into a reply".  But if you say "copy and paste an image", he's probably going to know what that means.   Another question is "What if I change my mind after I unsubscribe and I want see those notifications again"?

      My question for you is,where did you get your information for what you just wrote?

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        Rhetorical question:  where is the option to copy-and-paste?

        If Joe Blow wants to insert an image, he sees Insert > Insert Image/Video/File..."Hey, no option to upload?"

        Joe posts the question and you point him to your procedures.  Joe Blow can learn the "shortcut" to copy-and-paste later in life.

        It doesn't matter if someone changes their mind.  You're teaching them to tell time...not to build a clock.  Believe me...nobody wants irrelevant notifications; however, if they do, they can ask in the Forum.  What's the purpose of your checklist?  To accomplish 1 task.  It's not a Venn Diagram for the fickle.

        Where did I find this info?  I pointed, clicked, documented...pointed, clicked, document.  Unless I'm missing the point of your question.

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    Okay, I get your point.  No, I don't want credit for your work.  I just wanted to nudge you towards a final product.

    I have a background in technical writing; therefore, I don't create procedures based on someone else's perceptive.  I couldn't blame you if these procedures were wrong, so I pointed, clicked and documented.


    1.  Mouth and I discussed this 11 months ago.  We strayed a little from the OP's question.

    2.  Since 11 months ago, I wasn't interested in posts about inserting, uploading or pasting images're right...I didn't know much about it...aside from a Web (URL) or Community (Search).  I ignored your and Ekhawaii's posts for the past 2 months.

    3.  4 days ago, you created a post:  Forum Settings Will Not Save.  I felt Cox may be experiencing a trend of recent issues, so I contributed to your post with my "mysterious ghost bubble."

    4.  On your post, Ekhawaii's asked me to comment on his post:  I Cannot Insert an Image...  Although I'm not interested to upload files, I did learn I would need to be a member of the Group to do so.  You're right...I never knew that.

    5.  On Ekhawaii's post, you left me procedures to Unsubscribe from a Forum Group.  Why?  I didn't need your procedures and added my 2 cents.

    Is this for me?  It's well instructive but it's a needless procedure.  Get rid of Membership and make Upload File default on customer accounts.

    6.  Continuing on Ekhawaii's post, you started rewriting your procedures and accused me of "fussing" with you because I didn't need your "workarounds."

    7.  Continuing on Ekhawaii's post, you wrote a final summary of "what we've learned."

    8.  Ugh...okay, considering my experience, I'll help chisel it.

    9.  You created a new post.  I was reading it but not contributing until you accused me of talking you "out of saying 'forum group.'"

    10.  What the #$@&%*!?

    11.  I continued to help chisel it but finally just wrote it...for you.

    12.  I give you full credit for discovering how to join and unsubscribe to a group.  This is not my process or post.  I only wanted to help finalize your procedures; however, it was taking too long.

    13.  If you want them, take them and create a new post.  I'll delete my reply.

    14.  I regret getting involved.

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      Bruce, I want to learn from your experiences.  You know about a lot of things for which I haven't a clue and I'm always interested in what you have to say.  So, I want you to be involved.  But, you've really got to lighten up, man. Sometimes it seems like you react to a perceived offense that just isn't there.  At least it feels that way sometimes in conversations you have with me.  If someone offers you help, it doesn't mean your technical skills aren't respected.  I'm not saying you need any help with technical issues that are discussed.  But there wouldn't be anything wrong with accepting help if you did.  Everybody needs help sometime.  I'll gladly accept help from anyone who wants to give it.  We can even disagree.  I'll still respect your opinion.  Please respect mine.

      When I left you the procedures about how to unsubscribe from a forum group, I thought you had actually received 17 unwanted notifications that I now know you were using as an illustration.  I was only trying to help you get rid of all the unwanted notifications I thought you were receiving. 

      I didn't mean to offend with the "talked me into it" comment.  WiderM and I were in a series of back and forth replies and I inadvertently told him "group" when my procedure said "forum".  This was obviously confusing for WiderM and I was trying to quickly correct my error (emphasis on quickly) while kind of watching a football game.  What i actually meant and would have said, given more time and without the football distraction, is that what you "talked me into" was using consistent terms (because it's a good idea).  The result of that was when I made them consistent, I decided to change all references of "forum group" to "forum".

      The discovery of how to join a group and the resulting ability to post images in replies is actually due to to the famous Christmas Day reply by the Cox employee in the original thread.  We had all kinds of theories about why some of us were unable to post images.  They ranged from different version of the website, changes to the software a year ago, regional differences, browser settings and probably more.  That "click to join" banner just became part of the landscape.  It got to where I didn't even notice it.  None of us thought to click it because we could already post.  Why would we need to join anything?  

      I changed the wording in the procedure where I first reference joining a forum to include "(TV, Internet, Phone or Apps)" to show that the user will be joining one of those forums.  I use "forum" to refer to "TV Forum", "Internet Forum", "Phone Forum" or "Apps Forum".  When I look at the top of this screen now, I see "Internet Forum".  However, I think (not sure) that when you say Forum, you're referring to this entire website world of groups, posts, replies, subscriptions, etc. that we spend much of our lives in.

       I looked at changing "forum" to "forum group" ("forum", not "Forum")  In the context I'm using, "forum" isn't a proper noun unless it's the name of one of the four forums, e.g. Internet Forum.  There are some places where "forum group" doesn't work.  I would be back to a mix of "forum" and "forum group" which is what I had in the first place.

      Also added is "threads (Questions and Discussions)" the first time "threads" is referenced, to relate it to the same terminology that Cox uses in the filter selections.  I guess questions are the posts and discussions are the replies.

      This is something I probably should have asked you a long time ago, but when you refer to "upload a file from your PC", are you literally talking about locating a file on your PC and uploading it?  I've been talking about print screen, snipping tool, right click on an image for "copy image" and any other available means to  copy an image to the clipboard.  Then press "ctrl+v" or right click for "paste"  to paste the contents of the clipboard into the reply.

      Lastly, I'm shouldn't have expressed frustration about who did what and when.  But, I've seriously put a lot of time into this.  And, "posting images" (or however we refer to it) isn't even something that I cared all that much about being able to do.  For me, it was a mystery to be solved.  It's been interesting, but I'm ready to be done with it.

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      Thanks CurtB and Bruce for this healthy conversation.  The fact that Bruce and WiderM did talk about this image/file cut/paste was great.  For me, I just wanted the clipboard version insertion into this Forums Reply box.  Was confused because I saw many images (from pingplotter, cmd ping and tracert and many modem settings...) I wondered why not me.  I was lucky to find CurtB even bothering to comment, because most of the community did not...even when Cox chimed in, it was "they are investigating," heck, even emails to their Help desk got stuck. 

      On Xmas day, that comment from Cox, about the "Join" appearing at the bottom of any of the 4 Groups...well that opened up the floodgates (apparently this was always there but not noticed by either CurtB or myself or even the early Cox Contributors) .  Without "Joining" one could never do a clipboard paste or do a PC File Upload.  As Bruce said, why does Cox make you do another Join since you already are a paid customer.  Now, WiderM, did you not leave Cox, but still are able to make posting and you have another account that allows interaction....just wondering.  Appreciate your comments.

      I believe this basic issue of image/file insertion into the Reply box is resolved.  Posters need to Join...Cox need to get rid of this redundancy....CurtB even found out about how to "Leave" by selecting the Circled image at the Left of the, say Internet Forum on line 2.

      Now the issue of Subscription Notifications under the Lightning bolt....I opened a new topic about the link that allows turning on/off Notifications.....which CurtB first pointed out had some problem....

      Thanks again to all for this conversation...Hopefully we all learned a little more about this strange behavior and we can all move on and make comments...with Images...yeah!  Please Bruce and CurtB and even WiderM....keep contributing.. we all have some kind of issue with Cox....mine is more around the TV Forum.