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3 years ago

How to move a device connection from the gateway to a pod - very frustrating!

Device won't connect to closest pod. Very frustrating. My laptop connects to the gateway and the result is a 1 Mbps download.  It was connected to a Pod yesterday and had speeds of 250 Mbps because the pod is close to my desk.  I worked in another room for the evening, and now I can't get the laptop to switch back to the pod. How do you force a device OFF the slow gateway and ON to the fast pod next to my desk?

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    try turning wifi off/on to reacquire the pod.

    fwiw: i get faster wifi speeds further away from router.

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      10 stop/start wifi and 5 reboots didn't change a thing.  I had to literally set my laptop on top of the pod to get it to change. Cox needs to fix this.