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8 months ago

How Silly

I don't move into my apartment for another two weeks, but Cox has already genned up a bill with service starting a week ago, and their wonderful Chat community can't change it. The electric company can schedule the start date, the postal service can schedule the start date, but good ol' Cox just plows ahead and says, "As of now there won't be having any charges when you are planning to activate let you confirm with us again. I can check once you move in your new apartment, if there is no data usage we will check and you will get the credit for the 15 days amount." (Hint: if the electricity isn't turned on, not much chance of much data usage!)

So they're perfectly content wasting my time down the road getting this straightened out and expending their own resources doing in the future what they should have been able to do in the first place when the service order was made. Artificial intelligence? How about some common sense intelligence ...

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  • Hello BrewskiBill,


    I'm not sure exactly how this was able to get completed, but I understand from what you've shared that the account is still active and needs to be closed or the install needs to be reentered to the correct date. I'm sorry this happened and that our chat team wasn't able to fix this sooner. For immediate assistance in getting the account disconnected, you may call 1-888-438-6673 8am-8pm weekdays or 9am - 6pm Saturday (choose option 5 after entering your account information) where a representative in Loyalty can help in processing the disconnect and install date when you are moving in and intend to have the service active. Again, I'm sorry to hear of this experience.