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4 years ago

How does wifi.cox determine time zone for parental controls?

How does the "Downtime Scheduler" for profiles decide what time zone to use when scheduling up/down time?

I have a profile set to 'wake up' at 4AM but at 7:30AM its still blocked.

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      after testing it with various devices...i suspect it is NOT (entirely?) a cox glitch. It seems to affect different phones shut off and on at appointed times down to the correct minute...within seconds of the programmed down time. Seems like some devices (like TVs) dont 'wake up' after they've been restored. Probably something between the router and the TV...nothing to do with wifi.cox

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        Is the TV wired to the router?

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      32539 - but i think i isolated it to a device-router problem...not a time zone issue.

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        could be, my point....when i go tv guide on both pc & tv, i see my local area info, not programming.from a different time zone.

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    You should contact care and ask for them to do an Account Refresh. That might take care of the issue.