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2 years ago

How do I report an Outage

How is it possible that there is no easy way to report an outage via either the phone app or online?

This is really annoying, and as soon as possible, we will be changing internet providers.

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  • When reaching out to support, the tools in place will check for known outages and inform you if you're impacted.  Should that not be the case, troubleshooting will be offered.  There can however be unique cases where in terms of outages you end up being the canary in the cave, however, that is something that would need to be determined by way of the troubleshooting process.

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      The trouble is on Cox's end, and they still haven't acknowledged they have an outage1/2 an hour later.  The fact that we can't report via a mechanism on the app or online suggests Cox either has made the decision to ignore it's customers or it's that incompetent. Pretty sure it's both.

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        My guess is the report a "outage" function would be abused by anyone having any kind of connectivity issue. Just look at all the false negatives on What they SHOULD have is a outage map where you can easily see if you are in outage and what the ETR is. They had one years ago and they recently put one up for the Tulsa storm, but they have since taken it down.