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4 years ago

Hotspot issues

I've been using the hotspot for months upon months with no issue at all connecting.  Since last Tuesday I had to forget the network and reboot my device about 7 times on both processes ubtil it connected correctly for use.  My cell phone was the only device that connected to the wifi but listed the wifi as no internet or ip address issue.  As of 5 days ago it won't even attempt to do anything yet shows as a wifi network with full bars and the signal strength very good but fails to even connect at all.  Per the hotspot map it's located on the opposite side of my apartment complex and lists the complex as the name on the wifi.  

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  • You should probably email and provide lots of identifying information... don't provide identifying information here in the forum...  additionally, the forum can't help you with Cox public wifi hotspot issues. Good luck!

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      It legit connected after I posted this left my house and just got back and once again trying to get back on with the same issues lol. 

      Thank you I'll try that now I know I saw replies that someone reset the hotspots on here but ill email them