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3 years ago

Horrible down speeds - 41mbs per second

The past couple of days, my TV's keep buffering, websites are loading slow. I used the Cox Speed Test, and they show a whopping 41.7 down when I used to get 250.  I log into Cox, go to support, it shows new support option of Oliver, but I have no way to launch it. I used the "Smarthelp" and rebooted my modem 2x, still same speeds, but still no option to get to support for assisance. I checked for outages in my area, there are none.  I hate talking to reps on the phone that ask me to do things I have already done (Clear Cache/Temp/Cookies, reboot Modem, Router, connect directly to router, etc..). There is obviously something going on in the area, 41.7 down is not acceptable when I work from hom.


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