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5 years ago

High ping in Valorant


I have been getting very high ping in Valorant, riot's new game for weeks now. I have no issues with any other games and I am playing on a nearby server. All other players also located in the west playing on the same servers have low ping. When I switch to a VPN located in my city (Phoenix) my ping drops dramatically. The only way it is possible for me to have lower ping on a VPN at the same location as me is if the routing between Cox and Riot servers is very bad. Can this be addressed? Is it possible you can work with them on a fix?

Thank you.

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    Hi, please reach out to Riot with this issue so that they are aware of the problem. As per the Valorant twitter page, Friday, May 8, the server matchmaking queues & the server did go down for emergency maintenance. Please follow Valorant on Twitter for updates.

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    This won't be fixed. But if it is a Riot issue, then it can be fixed.

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    I am having the same issue. I am in OKC and on a west coast server was getting 100+ ping.