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5 years ago

High ping and packet loss on Gigablast (San Diego)

Adding my experiences here:

I work from home even before all this current situation, so the reliability of the connection is important.

Last few weeks I had really abysmal performance here in San Diego. I contacted the support through twitter, shared my tests and technician came by. He checked the cable and found no local issues and said Cox network is currently over 100% capacity. Normally they are under 80% and now likely at 105%.

The latency and packet loss causes stuttering and issue for video calls, remote connections to other machines and games as well. This also happens on multiple devices (MacBook, Windows PC, Facebook Portal) and different networks like like Zoom, Messenger/Whats app calls.

What's happening:

  • Last few weeks I've experience high latency and packet loss, especially from 10am-12am and from 2pm-9pm. 
  • On the worst times the packet loss up to 24% per node
  • Latency jumps around from 20-300ms. During the peaks it's pretty much constantly 100-300
  • Overall the latency to anycast optimized address like is abysmal. The best I can get is 20ms, average 40ms, randomly it's up to 200ms. With my previous providers for example Sonic in San Francisco, I had this at 1-5ms. Likely my LTE on phone can do better latency than the Cox network.
  • Speed hasn't been much of an issue, usually get 500-950mbps on the wired connection. However the speed is useless for many applications if the network has high latency and packet loss (video calls, gaming).
  • The latency from the modem ( to your first internal network node ( also has ping between 3-300ms and packe loss suggesting you have something very wrong in your network.

Cox, what are your plans to upgrade the network or what are you doing to fixing the latency? Also do you plan to offer discounts until you can get your network fixed?


  • Testing/using network on a Mac directly connected to the modem with ethernet.
  • Restarted the modem few days ago.
  • Turned off the Wifi features on the router, and have my own wifi on bridge mode
  • Two computers on the network, few other devices
  • Been running traceroute (mrt) and pingplotter to and on few different days.
  • One thing I haven't tried is to put the router on bridge mode and remove the nat/dchp. 

                                                     Packets               Pings

 Host                                              Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev

 1.                                     0.0%  1206    1.0   0.9   0.3   4.7   0.6

 2.                                      2.2%  1206   15.1  41.8   3.4 300.1  45.0

 3.                                     2.5%  1206   61.8  39.8   4.0 276.4  42.2

 4.                                  1.8%  1206   75.3  44.9   6.0 358.4  45.0

 5.                                      2.0%  1206  162.6  50.1   9.6 341.9  45.5

 6.            82.1%  1205  250.7  56.8  17.6 250.7  43.6

 7.                 3.2%  1205  103.3 127.3  83.4 436.8  41.6

 8.                                     1.9%  1205  165.1 123.1  80.6 408.0  44.0

 9.                                   2.9%  1205  331.6 119.9  80.5 417.1  40.8
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