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10 months ago

High data usage

I don't understand, every month when I get close the the data reset date, I get messages that I've used up a high percentage of my data and will be charged an overage fee. So I cut back on my time, turned off the wifi on my phone, so to use the phone service data plan that i pay for and limited my streaming time. But the Cox data usage seems to keep going up. Today I checked the data usage and it's the highest it has ever been and I haven't changed a thing in my limited use.

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    Do you have a Cox pano modem, or your OWN wireless router? Have you verified the connected devices? Do you have amazon echo or DOT? (They can cause an issue with data usage). Is one drive installed on a phone or tablet? (If not setup properly, they can do daily backups of over 1 hundred gigs or more daily. Do you have a ring doorbell or other security camera connected?

    BTW, If you have a Cox pano modem, use the pano app and you can see what devices are connected and how much data they are using.