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5 years ago

Going away from gigablast after a couple weeks

 I just discovered that the panoramic WiFi will not let me adjust the DNS and this is vital to me. I haven’t been impressed with the consistency of the service anyway and the heat the panoramic WiFi puts off is way more intense than my nighthawk router was. There is actually no difference in the coverage at my house with this equipment and my previous setup, if there is my old setup was slightly better. Here is a real life story of how we are treated by the cable company in Georgia. House next door sold and new neighbors just moved in. Soon after they got settled a cox tech wanted in the back yard. Tech tells me that my house and the neighbor have a very low signal and they will need to connect a temporary line to get it decent enough to support our basic needs. I have been paying Cox for 16 years and have always had very poor internet for the tier I was in and supposed to be getting and now the reason comes to light... I got gigablast just to be able to support a modern household of devices and still have spotty connectivity. If there was another broadband provider in area that could compete it would help all of us out. I wish I could walk in and give this equipment back and end our relationship forevermore but sadly I’ll just ask to be downgraded to the highest tier my owned equipment will allow.

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    That's correct our panoramic modems do not support the option for changing DNS. We like to check the signal levels when you have a moment please email the full-service address and full name to Can you also include a link to this thread?

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    were you getting the connect speeds you were paying for?? same house/apartment for 16 years?