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2 years ago

Gigablast slow for months, full gig when using VPN

For several months I have had nearly 300mbps max. At first, I thought it was just time of day. However, it never got better. It is always below 300mbps but never goes over 299 mbps.  Recently I started using a VPN when logging into work and I noticed I get the full speed on VPN but not when I am off VPN.

I have gone through this many years ago at my family's house. Why is throttling still happening? I check everyday and it is this same case (images below)

Yes I have gone through the entire steps of rebooting waiting 30 seconds, restart all devices in my house. I bypass my gigabit router and only have one PC connected to the modem before and after doing the process of restarting it and it is the same case.

Since the VPN can give me the gigabit speed, this is what ISPs use to throttle. I couldn't find a ticket to submit and it is late, so making a forum post about it.

This is when VPN is off:

This is with VPN on:

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    Looks like a different test server. What happens when you choose Dallas as your server? Where are you located?

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      I am in Tulsa, so if I choose in Dallas while not on VPN, this is what it shows:

      Same server ( Dallas, TX) while on work vpn:

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        try and see what you get. Different paths will get different speeds, but using a VPN doesn't mean you aren't going through Cox. Using a VPN means your path instead of your eq-modem-coxpath to internet-end point- and back, means your path is your Eq--modem-coxpath-internet-vpn system-endpoint-back to vpn system-back through the internet to Cox- and then back to you. Either way, if COX was throttling you, it would happen whether you are on a VPN or not.