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5 years ago

Gigablast not anywhere near as advertised

I’ve had gigablast for a while now and ever since I switched I’ve constantly been getting lag spikes, low speeds and disconnections. I run a speed test and I’ve on gotten 500mbps once, other then that I get 200-350 if I’m lucky. Why am I paying for gigablast if I’m getting the same speeds as before but with more disconnections and lag?? Had a tech come out and and miraculously I get 500 then it goes back down within a couple hours. The tech said “your getting better speeds then most people right now” what kind of answer is that? I’m seriously about done with Cox 

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    rj21. I feel your pain. I have been paying for gigabit+ $50  for no cap for over 8 months. I have made multiple complaints to Cox. Techs have come out and vetted the inside of the house and the issue is not there. At one brief period during this 8+ months, I have seen for a time consistent speeds of no greater than 500 mbps. It has since gotten worse, and I rarely sustain 300 mbps consistently. Have had multiple calls complaints, no resolution. Yet, I still get billed for gigabit+ $50 monthly. Chat is a total joke. It's a ruse to keep you from calling in to get any real resolution. When you call, good luck getting through the multiple hour wait it will take.  There is no network issue in my home. I have literally been paying since day one gigabit prices (plus modem rental required) for speeds consistently less than what the Ultimate plan offers. The darn line has been sitting on the ground running from a ped across a neighbors lot to my entry point on the house for 8+ months. Yep, just bare cable sitting on the ground. Neighbor has to manually manipulate the cable to mow. So many techs have been scheduled to come out and resolve, yet there the cable lays. How insane is this? I have wasted so much time on phone calls, chats, you name it. Cox seems happy to keep collecting buckets of money from me for falsely advertised service. Is this because they know we need internet for work and kids' online schooling? Shame on you Cox. Don't believe me support? Check my account history. No one has been interested in resolving my issues that have been present from day one. Yet they still collect the money monthly for a service I am only getting around 200mbps this week ... but being charged gigabit + $50 for no cap since day 1. Can anyone help me?