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2 years ago

Gigablast is sooooo slow…

Real talk here. Does anyone have a number for customer retention? At my wits end here. We pay for their fastest offering and it simply hasn’t lived up to the hype after maybe the first 6 months.

I work from home and my livelihood is heavily dependent on sending very large files back and forth quickly. It’s all going incredibly slow.

Chat is never helpful. It’s always some guy on the other side of the world saying “your speed test shows things are fine let me reset your router” which fixes the issue for maybe a day tops. Additionally you’ll tell them Google DNS is showing latency, packet loss, slow downloads/uploads and they’ll insist that’s not true.

And then they try to charge you for sending a tech out??? Point being, we need this internet to give us that 900mbps or we’re out. This is a massive waste of money. Basically highway robbery.

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    No magic number or easy solutions here. Just users helping other users troubleshoot. Did you want to troubleshoot or were you looking to contact Cox directly?

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      At this point would just like a direct line to customer retention. We just set up a CenturyLink fiber install. That’s how bad it has been this last year.