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5 years ago

Gigablast is not fast at all.

Ever since I upgraded  to gigablast and pa panoramic wifi, I dont get better coverage than before for one and my speed **.  I understand that I dont have fiberoptic true "Gig" speeds , but upgrading from the Ultimate internet plan that varied from 100mbps to 330 mbps on the best days (by the way I always had the same speeds wired and on wifi) and uploads around 35mbps, to now 250mbps-450mbps doesnt seemlike a change at all. In fact since day one there has always been a slight pause/delay before a download of any sort that I didn't  have with  the ultimate and my actual downloads are much slower than the speeds I'm clicking. I even get an occasional buffering when streaming, several seconds of low quality video before it clears up, it too an hour to download 18gb update on my xbox (wired)and 40 seconds to download 415 mb file. I'm sorry but even at the low speeds I'm getting below what I'm paying for,  that small file should be instantaneous  and that 18gb upgrade should've taken 15-25 min max! I think there is some serious manipulation going on with what we actually get vs what were supposed to get and what the speed  says. I feel like I've got the entry level internet. Disappointing. 

My friend ended up switching to true gig service  with Century Link, he tests 1 gig upload and 1 gig down..says he loves it..anyone hear different about that service??

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    That's doesn't sound good and we like to investigate. Please email the full-service address and full name to

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