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6 months ago

Getting Fed Up.... Daily Outages

About a month ago, there was an approx 24 hour outage in my neighborhood. Since that time other outages outages have been occuring, and lately they've begun to occur daily. Since I am on one of my devices at the times these outages begin, I note the times via a third-party remote app that texts me when my home network loses connectivity. The outages begin around 3pm, and within minutes, I've recieved the text message from Cox notifying me of an outage. During a typical outage session, initially, connectivity is lost, but modem is still connected to its peer. Then later, you note that the modem has lost its connection and is constantly retrying to connect to its peer. Further text messages indicate the estimated time of repair to be somewhere around 7pm. In all cases, so far, connectivity is restored by 4:30pm.

Up to the long outage a month ago, my internet connection had been ROCK-SOLID for approx 10 years, and that issue was my use of an old Linksys modem that was marginally supported by Cox. I say "marginally supported" as the supported hardware list listed the modem but various Cox techs said it was NOT supported. Once I replaced it, problem went away.

Yesterday, I was right in the middle of a very important piece of work, and almost like clockwork, my desktop connectivity monitor showed I'd lost connection. Since I can see the modem from where I sit, I saw the blue light showing it was connected to its peer. Soon, there came the dreaded text message.

Since I now had nothing better to do, I decided to call the support number. Once I'd done so, and entered my phone number, I get told there is a known outage in my area and the support tech cannot tell you anything. Good Bye CLICK... As an aside: Pretty **bleep** rude..

Myself and several neighbors, who are ALSO afflicted by this are planning on filing a complaint with the FCC as none of us have been able to get an escalation from Cox. 


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  • Hi, I apologize you are having trouble with our service and the experience you had when trying to get help. We want to make sure this gets addressed and the issue is fixed as soon as possible. Please Reach out to us privately with your account info including your full street address. Our email address is

    Greg P

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      Umm.. Your email address gives me the following when I try to send my info to it..

      "Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail." I'm sending from ... 

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        Your error shows The appropriate email address domain is Is that error coming up when you have the domain in the To field?