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3 years ago

geolocation incorrect

I have seen a post from several months ago but did not see a solution.

For the past couple of weeks, my Geolocation has been set to Tucson but I live in Scottsdale.

I called customer support. No help. I was told to reboot the modem. did that. Not help.

I simply asked to be sent to Tier 2 and I was on hold for 15 minutes while the tech was getting authorization. then transferred to Tier 2

Wait time....25 minutes.

Just to have somebody submit a ticket "to see what's going on"

Now I need to wait a few days.

Will update.

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    Here is an update.

    I was not able to get any help from Cox Technical Support. I have Cox Complete Care but I did not get any help other than being told that they are within their right to have the wrong geolocation and I was read the disclaimer.

    I sent an email request to one of the database geolocation sites and made a reuqest to have my geolocation changed.

    Here is the response:

    Dear Requester,

    We have reviewed and accepted your correction for IP range The corrected data should appear in next Friday’s update. We will not send additional confirmation emails for separate corrections (you have submitted) that are accepted within the next 24 hours.

    It seems that I may have a resolution. If it works.

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      I'm glad Complete Care is paying off for you.

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        My sentiment exactly. I am not even sure why I bother.

        Cox support for my Internet and Home Security not to mention TV has been less than ideal.

        They have been outsourcing and I do not even get Cox employees anymore when there is something with the alarm system. They send a contractor. The reason I signed up with them was for the internal Cox employee alarm care.

        If my whole email system were not stuck with cox emai, I would consider changing. But changing email as this juncture in life is tough.


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    Hi Letti001,

    I am sorry to hear that, but I am hopeful that we will be able to resolve that for you. Please keep us posted.

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      Right now, I get all the Tucson news streaming to my homepage. I do not need that.

      Also, I cannot even search for the nearest FedEx store. It shows me the stores in Tucson. I try to change teh zip code for searches, but it does not always search correctly.

      Also, I do not know what occurs with Cox home security and my IP phone for 911 calls.

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        What device are you using. It sounds like the browser was hijacked or spyware 

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      Here is my update.

      Just got off the phone with Cox Complete Care.

      The IP assignments are random and there is a disclaimer in the Cox information pack in that they cannot guarantee the IP address assignment in one's particular area.

      I tried resetting my external IP address, which was successful, but it assigned me again to the Tucson area.

      The agent told me to try to reassign the IP address earlier in the day, but that does not make sense since most people have their computers running continuously. I then asked about geolocation assignment times, and he did not have that information.

      In summary, my IP address has been assigned to a different region and I cannot do anything about it. I can sign up for a business account to get a static IP address as the only option. 

      In the meantime, I did not find resolution to my issue other than a proverbial shoulder shrug and "that's the way it is" answer.

      I am not happy with the answer but there does not seem to be a correction available. Other than switching to a business account or DSL.