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5 years ago

Gateway login error

I can access the log in screen by entering the IP address

I have a Panoramic and just upgraded to GIGABLAST

Every user name and password entered is incorrect

I can see my router and the log in screen but have no clue what the log in credentials are. 

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  • I went to the same settings portal with my panoraic gateway and the user name and password do not work.  I have been on hold w/ Cox tech support, now at a level 2, for an hour.  I did a factory reset while on phone with the tech.  I also read in a separate forum that Cox disabled the ability to get into these settings if you have a Panoramic gateway so you can no longer enable bridge mode yourself and can't add a mesh wifi network of your own and are forced to rent their Panoramic gateway and extender pods.  The other option is you buy your own modem, router and mesh network from the store and set up yourself.  Cox charges you almost $144 year to rent theirs.  For about $200-300 (not including the cost of the mesh wifi network) you can buy and own your equipment and in 2 years you will be money ahead.

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      too many buy their own, then come here to complain about poor cox service/support when no worky!!