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3 months ago

Frequent Internet Outages throughout the Day

We've been experiencing frequent internet outages throughout the day; several every hour.   This has increased over the last 5 days.  Each lasts maybe 15 sec to 90 seconds.  When it occurs, all our ROKU devices freeze up, plus Internet on our computers and WIFI on our smart phones.  It's like someone flipped a switch.  After a short time, it comes back up.  But maybe 20 minutes later, it's down again.  Random, as far as I can tell.

Im not a technical expert, but just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them.  My download speeds are around 300 MBPS and upload 17 MBPS.  Of course, when the Internet goes down, I can't even access the "test speed" site.  

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    I forgot to add...I unplugged the router for 10+ minutes, plugged it back in, and that didn't solve the problem.

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      Hello there, Ken. I am sorry for the Internet service issues you are experiencing. We strive to ensure our service remains reliable and operates properly at all times for our customer's needs. Can you send us an email to with your full name and complete address?  We can take a look to see if there were any declared outages recently or any signal level problems that could be causing this intermittency. We will be standing by for your response.