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4 years ago

Frequent but not Constant Incredibly High Ping and Packet Loss

I have contacted support twice with this issue already. The first time, the support agent said there was an outage due to overloaded nodes, which is what I had heard online. But this happens even when there is no outage. I have multiple PingPlotter screenshots attached to this post. My computer is plugged directly into the modem, and we have 1.1ms ping to the modem, so that is not the issue. I have restarted my modem already, and that did not fix the issue. It makes online video games unplayable. It also effects other devices. While I was experiencing lag spikes on my computer, I ran a speedtest on my phone and got 60mbps and 82 ping on a test that normally shows 160+ mbps and 5-15 ping. The first time, support said they could not send a technician during the outage, and we would need to document the issue occurring afterwards. After I did, I contacted support a second time, and they said they would need to document it on their own speedtests, which is not possible as I have to wait on hold for 15 minutes, and by that time, the issue usually resolves. They said in that case I should post screenshots here. So here they are. If nothing happens, I may file an FCC complaint, as that seems like the only thing that can get this company to do anything.

Here are some images.